Normcore / 53.3mm Distributor / Tamper(Built-in spring)Combo

$59.99 $69.99

53.3mm Distributor / Tamper (Built-in spring) Combo ensures you obtain consistent grind distribution. With an easy-grip, non-slip design, allowing for more even, delicious espresso extractions. 

The distributor is designed to move The coffee grounds consistently and evenly with two angled slopes. This eliminates the inconsistencies of coffee distribution mid-service. Consistent distribution of your puck will improve the consistency of your tamping and in effect increase overall quality in the extraction.

Materials: Anodized Aluminium & Stainless steel
Distribution Side Maximum Depth: 13mm
Tamper Side Maximum Depth: 16mm
Approximate Weight:523g 

The set includes: 
1 - 53.3mm Distributor / Tamper (Built-in spring)Combo 
1 - Coffee Tamper Stand