Normcore / 54mm Double Spout Portafilter With Anodized Aluminum Handle - To Fit Breville / SAGE


The Normcore Double Spout Portafilter is a premium modular espresso group handle designed to feature optimal serving conditions for your espressos, ergonomics in the handle for a comfortable grip, and durability to withstand daily use in a cafe environment.

The body and spout of the portafilter, made entirely in stainless steel, increase the strength, performance, and longevity with heavy usage. An open spout with precise splitting curves, the inner surface of the spouts has been machined to allow an even, thick flow of espresso during the pour.

Complete portafilter assembly with handle, spouts, and double shot filter basket. Comes with a double-shot pressurized basket and a 2-way pin.

Our bottomless portafilters are made from 304 stainless steel, Anodized aluminum handle.

The standard basket the comes with the 54mm portafilter is 16~18g capacity.

Note: Please do not wash with dishwasher.
Breville / SAGE 54mm - Fits the Barista Pro™, BES878, Barista Express, BES870XL, the Infuser™, BES840XL, and the Duo-Temp™ BES810BSS.

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