Normcore / Heavy Coffee Tamper

$59.99 $69.99

The Normocre Heavy Coffee Tamper has been created to perfect the coffee tamping procedure. Our tamper to maximize basket coverage leaving no residue and maximizing consistency. Reducing un-tamped grounds means reducing the chance of channeling, and increased consistency over the coffee puck will result in a more even extraction and a higher extraction yield.

You can freely adjust the thanks to two o-rings, 5mm, and 10mm, and set the height of the tamper for your comfort at work.

Diameter:53.3mm / 58.5mm
Materials: Anodized Aluminium & 304 Stainless steel
Distribution Side Maximum Depth: 12mm 
Tamper Side Maximum Depth: 14mm
Approximate Weight:523g  

1 - Heavy Coffee Tamper
1 - Coffee Tamper Stand

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