Normcore / Needle style Distributor Tool


For spreading the coffee powder not to be lumpy. Before tamping
And it also helps to brew coffee out more thoroughly. Spreading the coffee powder is an important factor. For making coffee with espresso machines.

The scientific arrangement of 10 needles effectively breaks up the agglomeration of the powder bowl and reducing the rotation resistance. Equipped with a bristle brush in the base for detachable cleaning.

The parts in contact with coffee are all 304 stainless steel. The rotating handle part is made of Anodized Aluminum. 

The Specifics:
Materials: 304 Stainless Steel / Anodized Aluminum / Bristle Brush
Body: CNC Machined and Anodized Aluminum
Needle Diameter: 0.8mm
Needle Depth: 30mm 
58mm: Weight 305g
54mm: Weight: 252g

Package Includes:
1 - Needle style Distributor Tool
1- Distributor Stand