Normcore / 58mm All-in-One Portafilter with Handle For E61 Groups


Meet your new favorite portafilter, the Normcore All-in-One Portafilter transitions seamlessly from spouted to naked without needing extra tools or accessories. And it's gorgeously crafted with Anodized
 Aluminum handle, making it a stylish addition to your espresso bar.

While brewing with a bottomless 58mm portafilter has its advantages, there are situations where it may not be the most suitable option for your brewing needs.

The portafilter floor is designed for easy installation and removal by applying pressure from the inside to release or from the bottom to install. The spout attachments can be conveniently screwed on and off. This portafilter is also modular so can switch out the heads and handles anytime.

Suitable for both seasoned baristas and newbie home brewers, the Normcore All-in-One Portafilter can be effortlessly customized to suit your coffee-making style and needs, giving you ultimate control over your espresso shots.

Note: Please do not wash with dishwasher.

Material: Stainless Steel + Anodized Aluminum (Handle)
Size: Approx.22.5x8x3cm
Weight: 468g

All 58mm E61 Groups - ECM, Rocket, Sanremo, Synesso, Slayer, VBM etc.

1 x Bottomless Portafilter
1 x 22g Filter Basket

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