Normcore Barista Compact Essentials Kit - Without Portafilter - Black

$226.99 $241.94

The coffee connoisseur knows that the perfect cup comes with meticulous crafting and that each step contributes to that final delicious brew.

Gathering this all in one place is the Normcore 7-in-1 Compact Barista Kit. A trim tamping station comes with customized slots to fit all your favorite Normcore tools, including a portafilter stand to fit your existing portafilter, our popular spring-loaded tamper, a distributor tool, a pair of puck screens to fit different basket sizes, and the latest versions of our dosing funnel and WDT. With each tool perfectly positioned and at hand, making a cup now comes without making a mess.

Enjoy your routines even in the most limited spaces, and streamline your workflow with this compact set.  
This kit includes:
1 x Normcore Compact Tamping Station
1 x Portafilter Stand

1 x Normcore Spring-Loaded Tamper V4
1 x Normcore Coffee Distributor Tool
1 x Normcore Dosing funnel V2
1 x Normcore Puck Screen Set
1 x Normcore WDT V2 with Stand

Please note that for this bundle, we have omitted the Tamper stand and Distributor stand and added the WDT stand. These changes are only applicable for orders starting from Feb 10 onwards.

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