Normcore / Barista Cleaning Brush

Color: Walnut

Designed for the everyday barista, the Normcore cleaning brush is a dandy tool to conveniently keep by your coffee station to keep it spotless and your equipment working for longer.

Choose the wooden handle of your choice and enjoy a natural grip that is a tactile joy to use. Whether it’s the majestic oak, elegant walnut, or precious olive, each will elevate the aesthetics even as you dust off the surfaces.

The bristle hairs are made of eco-friendly, 100% recyclable PET material. This not only means you get the right pliancy to get a deep clean, but also no worry about the scent of animal hair affecting your equipment.

The Specifics:
Bristle Length: 5 cm / 2in
Bristle Width: 2.2 cm / 0.75in
Total Length: 17 cm / 10 in
Material: Wood, Stainless steel, PET bristles

Available in Walnut, OAK, and Black OAK Wood.
The Includes: 
1 - Barista Cleaning Brush

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