Normcore Barista Complete Essentials Kit - With Portafilter


Barista Complete Essentials Kit has absolutely everything you need with an espresso machine at home or for a cafe just starting. This is a great choice if you’ve just bought a new machine, looking for a new kit or gift idea for that coffee lover.

This kit includes:
1 x Espresso OAK Espresso Tamping Mat
1 x Bottomless Portafilter

1 x Normcore Spring-Loaded Tamper V4
1 x Normcore Coffee Distributor Tool
1 x Normcore Dosing funnel V2 Short
1 x Normcore Dosing funnel V2 Tall
1 x Normcore Puck Screen Set
1 x Normcore WDT V3
1 x Normcore Dosing cup
1 x Normcore Handleless Milk Pitcher Sharp Spout 450ml

1 x Normcore Oak Barista Cleaning Brush

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