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Normcore Tamper & Distributor Combo

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The Normcore coffee tamper and distributor was developed with the barista in mind and is the perfect solution for cafe and home use. Ideal for those that love the consummate espresso experience.

Take your coffee brewing skills and style to the next level with this patent-pending professional dual-head 2-in-1 coffee distributor and tamper.

Do your brew the justice it deserves. Evenly distributed, level coffee grounds are the quintessential first step in accomplishing that all-important perfectly packed basket of finely ground espresso.

Adjustable height functionality allows a high level of control over the depth of your pack.  

Keep in mind that a full basket is a requirement in order to achieve a tight pack and enjoy a high-quality pour. Should the basket not be completely full the dual head coffee leveler will fail to reach your grounds. For optimum results, the top of the basket should be groomed using a flat edge prior to leveling and tamping.

Diameter:58.5mm / 53.3mm / 45.5mm
Materials: Anodized Aluminium & Stainless steel
Distribution Side Maximum Depth: 12mm
Tamper Side Maximum Depth: 14mm
Approximate Weight:523g  

1 - Distributor / Tamper Combo
1 - Coffee Tamper Stand

Normcore Tamper & Distributor Combo
Normcore Tamper & Distributor Combo Sale price$49.99 Regular price$69.99