Normcore / Espresso Filter Paper - 200 Sheets

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The Normcore Espresso Filter Paper is placed in the brew basket to help reduce channeling, ultimately increasing your extraction yields and giving you a more even extraction. Precision cut to fit the bottom of your portafilter perfectly. Perfect for folks who love lighter roasted coffees for espresso, or anyone chasing the perfect shot with their espresso machine.

Increased Extraction - The filter paper on the top and bottom helps disperse the water more evenly across the puck and potentially prevents channeling.

Consistent Filtration - Same concept as the puck screen, specially designed to work similarly to the stainless steel puck screen, providing better distribution of water flow.

Easy to Use - Avoid direct contact with the puck with the machine shower head. Cleaning up is easier because you can simply toss them in the trash after use – or better yet, the compost.

Drink better coffee - Made with Japanese natural virgin pulp, with no chemicals used. Provide higher clarity of your espresso shots.
- Diameter: 58mm / 55mm / 53mm / 51mm
- Filtration Mesh Size: 0.17mm thick
- With food-safe premium paper pulp imported from Japan.

200 - Normcore Espresso Filter Paper 

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