Normcore / Espresso Shot Mirror

$35.99 $49.99

Tired of keep bending over every time you pull a shot? The NORMCORE Espresso Shot Mirror allows you to monitor espresso shot extraction from your naked portafilter with an easier and simple glance, enhancing your espresso-making experience.

Designed in sleek and elegant black color, the mirror simply sits (with magnetic base) right on top of your drip tray. It is fixed to a ball head for all viewing angles, enabling you to adjust and monitor your shots with ease.

Please note: the mirror comes with a layer of transparent film on the surface as protection film. Please tear it off before use.


- 70mm HD Glass mirror  
- Rotates 360 degrees adjustable stand
- Angle it to view your espresso extraction
- Product size: diameter 70mm, length 35 mm

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