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Normcore Heavy Coffee Tamper

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A tamp can make or break that resulting brew, so baristas are always on the lookout for that perfect, reliable tool. The Normcore Heavy Coffee Tamper, built simply but thoughtfully, is designed to deliver that quality tamp. With its measured design, it's good for novices and seasoned baristas alike.

Weighing over half a kilo, this tamper delivers solid, compact coffee pucks with minimal effort. Carefully designed to maximize coverage with selected baskets, the full coverage prevents that dreaded donut extraction for a more even cup.

At its base, the ripple design completes the rest of the work, by creating a unique indentation on your puck to ensure less channeling. Also compatible with Normcore's different tamper bases, so you can always choose the one you like best. The set even comes with two rings of different heights to adjust to your preferred style.

Diameter:53.3mm / 58.5mm
Materials: Anodized Aluminium & 304 Stainless steel
Distribution Side Maximum Depth: 12mm 
Tamper Side Maximum Depth: 14mm
Approximate Weight:523g  

1 - Heavy Coffee Tamper
1 - Coffee Tamper Stand

Normcore Heavy Coffee Tamper
Normcore Heavy Coffee Tamper Sale price$56.99 Regular price$69.99