Normcore / Snap-On Steam Lever V2 For Breville / Sage Barista Pro


Breville espresso machines are beautifully designed but small compromises can be found in the Breville / Sage Barista Express and Barista Pro line. The steam and water function is dispensed with a knob, and while the plastic outlook detracts from the form, the movement during use can also be awkward for baristas.

With its sleek form, the Normcore Steam Lever V2 resolves this issue in a snap - literally. Its clever design uses powerful magnets to secure the lever over the existing factory knob with no tools needed - instantly elevating both the form and function of your espresso machine.

There are 2 Model options to choose from: Breville Barista Express / Breville Barista Pro. 

- Material: Anodized Aluminum 
- Dimensions: 11.6mm D x 5.3mm W x 2.5mm H /
4.6" D x 2.1" W x 1" H
- Weight: 106g / 0.23 lb

1 - Snap-On Steam Lever

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