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Normcore / Spring Loaded Tamper V4 with Ripple Base

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RIPPLE BASE - Created to minimize the risk of a doughnut extraction, the indentation on the coffee bed made by the ripple tamper allows controlled water channeling and even saturation of the grounds.
This V4 tamper has further improved on the central shaft design, also the interchangeable springs (15lb/ 25lb/ 30lb) are now applicable to the central shaft which provides pressure directly to the coffee grounds.

IMPROVED CONSISTENCY – With a design that achieves the same tamp every time. The amount of pressure you apply is simply controlled by a spring inside the tamper itself. Moreover, it comes with 3 interchangeable springs to suit your preference.

UNIQUE DESIGN - Our coffee tamper is spring-loaded and does not require additional adjustments. It has an ergonomic handle with a comfortable grip that allows you to push ground coffee easily. Made with stainless steel anodized aluminum, these tampers can withstand time and high-volume shifts.

Level Tamping - The ingenious design of leveling plate ensures your tamping level every time by resting on top of the filter basket as you press down on ground coffee. Press and turn clockwise at the same time when tamping to create the best level result.


1 - Spring Loaded Tamper
1 - Coffee Tamper Stand
1 - 30lb Spring
1 - 25lb Spring(Already installed )
1 - 15lb Spring
Normcore / Spring Loaded Tamper V4 with Ripple Base
Normcore / Spring Loaded Tamper V4 with Ripple Base Sale price$52.99